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Automated Customer Support

Leaving your valuable buyers on hold for too long will lead to high drop-off rates and dissatisfaction. Aspectus can help you create automated solutions which get your customer’s queries answered accurately in the fastest time possible.

Media Buying At Scale

Shoppers spend more than 3 hours a day on Facebook and Instagram. Aspectus centralizes all essential marketing and advertising activities in a self-hosted system that allows our team of experienced media-buyers to measure your progress and scale your ads without the distractions.

Supply Chain Management

Whether it’s bulk orders, inventory forecasting or branding, Aspectus can take care of your fulfillment needs. With faster shipping times, more quality control and active tracking management, our clients enjoy higher customer retention rates and increased positive brand awareness.

Content Strategy and Creative Production

Creative work doesn’t just start and end at creating unique eye-catching designs. The content production team at Aspectus works hand-in-hand with the media-buying team to create top notch adverts for your Facebook or Instagram campaigns. We research the market, plan and execute according to your needs and what we know best.

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